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This Fertility Treasure Chest contains the secrets of The Babymaker to help you improve your fertility and chances of conceiving FAST.

Self Help Guide

At last: The secrets of fertility and how to get pregnant revealed! With over 100 successful pregnancies (and counting) to her credit, The Baby Maker shares the amazing Secrets of Fertility with YOU! Now available for Download.

Case Example 1:

One male clients sperm count rose from 20ppm (parts per million) to 80ppm within just 1 MONTH of following The Babymaker's advice in this fantastic Fertility Guide!


Case Example 2:

A female client became pregnant after previously going through 8 FAILED IVF FERTILITY TREATMENTS!


The Fertility Manual includes:

    • All About You, Your Body and The Secrets To Increase YOUR Fertility

    • Real Pregnancy Success Stories

    • All About The Fertility Guide And How To Use It

    • The Secret To Understanding YOUR Reproductive Cycle And Fertility

    • Fertility Questions Frequently Asked By MEN

    • Fertility Questions Frequently Asked By WOMEN

    • The Secret To Help Your Man Fire 'Silver Bullets' (That's EXTRA Fertile Swimmers!)

    • Regulate Your Menstrual Cycle And Improve Egg Quality To Increase Fertility And Your Chances Of Pregnancy

    • Nutritional Advice To Help All Types Of Fertility Problems

    • Bach Flower, Aromatherapy And Herbal Fertility Therapies

    • How To Read YOUR Feet To Assess Your Fertility Levels

    • Fertility References Relevant To Your Specific Problem

"I wish you all the best and trust my fertility guide proves to be a great help

in achieving your dream of becoming pregnant." Sue Calvert


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Note: The contents of the Fertility Manual are intended to be adjunct to, not a replacement for, regular Reflexology treatment




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