"By massaging the feet I can restore balance to the body. I call it 'fortune-telling by feet'."


A self-confessed sceptic, Sue discovered the power of reflexology on a holiday in Ireland back in 1986. Her husband Glynn had a treatment and she was amazed that the SRN doing the treatment picked up on various health problems.


Sue qualified in Reflexology with Antony Porter and Dwight Byers, the nephew of the founder of Reflexology, Eunice Ingham, at The International Institute of Reflexology in 1988 in London.


Little did Sue know, she would be treating her future daughter with Reflexology a few years later!


"Helping people restore their health is wonderful. People come to see me for various reasons and I evaluate the best treatment for them. It could be Reiki, Bach flower remedies or Hypnotherapy...but I always start with Reflexology. Once the body is back in balance, amazing things can happen. It still amazes even me!" ... Sue Calvert


"I wanted to find out more. As a beauty therapist, people are always telling me about their health niggles; I realised reflexology might be a way of helping them more. After that, I enrolled on a course at the International Institute of Reflexology. I was taught that each part of the body has a corresponding area on the foot. By massaging the feet I can restore balance to the body. I call it 'fortune-telling by feet".


"When my daughter, Charlotte, felt unwell one day, I looked at her feet and felt around until I was sure of what I had found. I thought she has appendicitis. But the doctor was dismissive and told me to take her back the next week with a urine sample if I was still concerned. She was rushed to hospital the next day to have her appendix removed."


Sue incorporated reflexology into her work. Soon she was getting amazing results.


A World renowned treatment giving amazing, often spectacular results where conventional medicine has failed.


By putting the body back into balance, the body can begin to start healing again. This treatment works entirely through the reflexes of the feet where all glands and organs of the body are found.


First Hours Treatment

 • including consultation

One Hour Treatment

Half Hour Treatment






A relaxing head, neck

& scalp massage



Not a trance induced state. An excellent treatment to relax and renew your batteries,

strengthening emotional balance



Founded in Arizona, USA...

...by an Arizona based Healer, Hot Stone Therapy is one of the most sought after treatments in the Spa & Beauty Industry today.


Hot Stone Therapy is a complete Mind, Body and Soul treatment:

• MENTALLY - the client reaches a state of deep relaxation within minutes

• PHYSICALLY - the circulation and metabolism is stimulated

• SPIRITUALLY - the client is balanced and healing takes place.


The heated volcanic Basalt stones used during treatment, originate from areas of the world that are high in energy concentration and are unpolluted. They are entirely natural, unpolished - as nature made them. These mineral stones are well known for their heat and cold retention properties, making them the perfect choice for Stone Therapy.


Full Body Massage


Back Massage




I have worked with hundreds of couples, I offer a range of fertility information and relaxation therapies. Give me a call:


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