This wonderfully Nurturing and Supporting Massage helps you to connect with your developing baby,both physically and emotionally,starting the wonder and joy of the

all important bonding process.


Often in these busy times young Mums to be, haven't had the time to really slow down and make this connection,this is your time now.


This Treatment Aids and Supports your changing Circulation and Digestion.

Helping to ease those niggling aches and Pains that naturally occur as your body changes with the growing baby within.


During the treatment you will learn:


  • How to connect with your baby.


  • The signs and symptoms to become aware of that may indicate referral back to your Primary Care Provider.


  • How to ease hypertonic (over stretched) abdominal and Back Muscles.


  • Why it is important not to be too sedentary throughout your pregnancy, particularly during the third trimester,


  • The safest ways to move and keep supple.


  • How to Perform Gentle Supporting Exercises with or without your Partners' help and support throughout all trimesters.


  • The Best positions to give the baby more room to freely move around in the growing uterus


Price: £60 per hour

Personalised pregnancy massage

An Individually tailored Treatment  suitable throughout all stages of Pregnancy from 1st Trimester- 3rd Trimester.


Time for you and your developing Baby to enjoy a bit of 'us' time. Step off the treadmill of life. Put your feet up and RELAX.

Some comments from previous clients:"


I couldn't believe how relaxed I felt following this treatment I'm so glad I came"



"I hadn't realised before I came how manic my life had been at work and that I hadn't really made that connection to my baby yet. I think I've almost been in denial that she is on her way, and she's due to arrive in a few weeks!"



"Oh my Gosh that feels amazing"


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I have worked with hundreds of couples, I offer a range of fertility information and relaxation therapies. Give me a call:


I have worked with hundreds of couples, I offer a range of fertility information and relaxation therapies. Give me a call:


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