Infertility. Fertility. Increasing your options to conceive! That's what The Baby Maker - Sue Calvert - is all about - a fertility miracle worker doing what science can't though she blushes to the roots at the description.

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"It makes me laugh! I'm still amazed by what I do!"

"It makes me laugh! I'm still amazed by what I do!" said Sue who 14 years ago discovered she was capable of far more than giving manicures and massages. She believes she found an answer to many women's fertility problems and she could help women who had fertility problems get pregnant and to increase options to conceive they'd never explored.


Her power, it seems, lies in her hands. Sceptics might think there's no such thing as the healing touch for fertility. But the women that have been beating a path to her door believe otherwise...


So far, Sue is claiming responsibility for the birth of over 100 children - and all she's done is massage the feet of their mothers and dispensed some invaluable lifestyle advice to increase fertility and increase the options to achieve pregnancy!


"I have helped literally hundreds of couples to conceive, following conventional treatment failing for them. However, complementary therapies are often used alongside conventional treatment."


It sounds ridiculous; far-fetched - and Sue is the first to say so, but the desperate women who have gone to Sue don't think so. Many of them have tried for years to conceive a child and had gone through the stress and heartache of many infertility treatments.


Some had health conditions that required medication affecting fertility, making getting pregnant supposedly impossible. But, after what they describe as Sue's healing touch and advice, their dreams came true.



A self-confessed sceptic, Sue discovered the power of reflexology on a holiday in Ireland back in 1986. Her husband had a treatment and she was amazed that the SRN doing the treatent spotted his sinus probes and stiff neck.


"I wanted to find out more. As a beauty therapist, people are always telling me about their health niggles; I realised reflexology might be a way of helping them more." Sue incorporated reflexology into her work and was soon getting amazing results not least with fertility successes.


Then, one day, a client, came to me with a more unusual request than help for a back problem or a migraine. "She had a thyroid problem and was on medication that made it unsafe for her to get pregnant," remembers Sue.


"She desperately wanted a child but the only option was to come off medication and have an operation on her thyroid. She came to me to find an alternative way to treat the problem. After about a year blood tests showed the problem had disappeared."


"Her hormones were sufficiently balanced for doctors to be able to cancel her operation. One day, when I was working on her uterus reflex on her inner heel it felt different. I asked her if she was pregnant - she was!"


Sue also correctly diagnosed another client's pregnancy, even though her period was only three days late. "Every part of the foot is mapped out anatomically. The area around her ankle that relates to the uterus felt different," Sue explains.




"I realised how wonderful it would be to help women with fertility problems," she says.


"Since then, I've helped many women get pregnant. I helped them fulfil their dreams and it is such a thrill," says Sue.

Mum's the word: Reflexologist Sue Calvert (front centre) with a few of the happy Mums and their children.

Baby Fraser, Sheffield

"Sue certainly set the ball rolling, now we have three daughters"

A.H., Derbyshire.

She discovered she can pinpoint fertility problems by detecting stiffness around the ankle. "If the area that refers to the uterus seems lifeless and pale, it generally signifies a problem that may be seen as infertility." Sue finds out more by working her thumb over the entire foot.

(left) C.R. from Sheffield with her twins

Abbie and Thomas







(right) L.M., from Sheffield, expecting.

"And I do believe that it is some women's path in life to have children," she adds. "I don't think I have great power," she adds demystifying the whole thing.


"Cynics say it must in the mind, and I tell them they are right - because what happens in the mind can often cause physical problems in the body. This simply addresses possible causes of infertility and increase the options to conceive."

How to Help Increase Your Fertility and Chances of Conception

ONE in seven couples now seek help with fertility problems. Sue has written an amazing guide to fertility which is available for download now. Here are a few FREE basic lifestyle tips to give you a start. The fertility guide takes you into much more depth and reveals some amazing secrets to Increase your fertility and chances of getting pregnant.



Fertility Self-help for the mum-to-be:

 • Try to eat as much wholesome food as possible; keep take-aways and junk food to an occasional treat.

 • Try to keep to a healthy body weight.

 • Stop smoking and limit your alcohol intake to under six glasses of wine a week. Both smoking and excessive alcohol can affect egg quality and

    their fertility.

 • Make sure any existing medical conditions such as asthma or diabetes are managed and under control.

 • Take regular exercise.

 • Avoid stress.

 • Avoid taking Ibuprofen or any other prostaglandin inhibiting drug when ovulating.

 • Individual herbal remedies can be prescribed to help aid fertility.

 • Aromatherapy oils can be blended to help you to relax and improve your chances of getting pregnant while increasing the options to conceive.



Fertility Self-help for the dad-to-be:

 • Don't drink more than eight units of alcohol in any 48-hour period as it is toxic to sperm, encouraging infertility.

 • Stop smoking - this is another toxin to sperm, again, encouraging infertility.

 • Don't put your laptop on your lap as this raises the temperature of the scrotal sac - so do steam baths, saunas, hot baths, tight underwear.

 • Certain aromatherapy oils will also help to relax you and get you in the mood!!

 • Herbal supplements will also help enhance sperm numbers and quality, thereby increasing fertility.




Important legal note:

Though we are happy to provide products and services which will help you to improve your health and well being, we do not 'treat', or aim to 'cure' any disease. Under UK law only a medical doctor may 'treat' illness and disease with a medical origin. The information in this web page is for information purposes only.

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